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Real Name: Im Jin Ah (임진아)
Name: Nana (나나)
Chinese name: 林瑨兒
Position: Sub Vocalist After School
Birth Date: 14 September1991
Height: 171
Weight: 48kg
Blood Type: A
Star Sign : Virgo
School : Jeongju Ochang High School (Graduated)

# Participated in the 2009 Asia Pacific Super Model Contest
# Starring in Honey Dew’s debut track Like A Fool MV
# Starring in Eru’s White Tears MV
# Being member of After School’s sub-unit group “Orange Caramel” together with Raina & Lizzy and also ‘AS Red’ with Kahi, Jungah & Uie
# Nana had trained for 1 year in Pledis Ent.
# Nana was maknae before Lizzy joined After School.
# Nana’s manager created her name, to fit her image
# Son Dambi’s cube dance from Queen song was named by Nana
# Nana likes to play pranks on other people.
# Nana likes to take selcas
# Nana thinks that lively and cute fits her genre
# Nana would like all citizens in Korea to know her name
# Nana is a licensed makeup artist and also has a membership at the Makeup Artists Association
# Nana’s dream is become a beauty shop CEO
# Nana doesn’t like bad boys
# Nana’s official chinese name is Na Na
# Nana really like kids
# Nana, Raina and Lizzy are roommates before
# Nana had a lot of dorky photos
# Nana likes modern guys, the best would be those who are suitable in wearing different kind of styles.
# Gong Xi Fa Cai! Is the first the first sentence Nana learned in Chinese
# Nana grew 20 centimeters in just one year thanks to banana milk
# Nana’s the kind of person who becomes shy in front of new people and its awkward talking and laughing with them
# It feels like Raina and Lizzy are from a different world when Nana hears them speak in their regional dialect
# Nana thinks the lyrics to the song “Curry” by Norazo are so funny
# Nana wants to open a beauty shop when she gets older
# Nana really likes Sailor Moon because she wants to keep the peace in this world as Sailor Moon + she loves the costum
# Nana is worried about her skin, and is jealous of f(x) Sulli’s clear skin
# Mir’s computer wallpaper was a picture of Nana
# Mir had known when Nana appeared in Because of You MV
# Nana stated that 4Minute HyunA is her rival
# Nana felt so touched by Mir’s interest in her
# Nana’s MBLAQ ideal man is Seungho
# Nana admires 2PM Nichkhun
# Nana’s ideal type is Lee Sungyun. She likes guys who have pretty eyes when they smile
# Heo Kyung Hwan has a crush on After School’s Nana
# SHINee Key ever said that the closest member to his ideal girl in Orange Caramel is Nana
# After School said that Nana looks naturally evil, but is actually very nice
# Nana and Jungah also auditioned to be in “Invincible Youth” but failed and only Jooyeon made it 😦
# Nana doesn’t have any love experience
# Nana expressed, at school she get some attention from guys, but due to her being busy with studies and promotions
# Key mentions nana on Lucifer album thank to
# Nana was a model before so she has a model like charm – CN Blue Minhyuk
# Nana loves all genre of music.
# Nana like her ribbon during Magic Girl days
# Nana first debut as a singer is on November 27th, 2009 as After School’s member
# Raina and Nana revealed that they like to watch the drama “Secret Garden” during their spare time.
# Nana wants holiday with her family in a warm place because she doesn’t like cold weather
# Jungah said that Nana is the most talkative person in their dorm
# Raina said that Jooyeon, U-ie, Nana, and Lizzy have many fan boys.
# U-ie and Jungah both stated that Orange Caramel has a lot of Young-aged male fans
# Nana thinks the most things that she should wear is make-up
# Nana is being described as “a very cute girl that everyone wants to bring home with” by After School’s Kahi
# Nana is a fan of Song Joong Ki. *_*
# Nana is well known for her dancing skills and model-like charm.
# Nana thinks the most part in her body need to be take care is her stomach
# Every time Nana has a break. She would reply her UFO
# Nana likes purple, green, indigo bat basically she likes all colors
# Nana loves horror movies
# Amber thanks to Nana in f(x) 1st album ‘Pinocchio’
# Nana thinks After School is the closest group ever
# Inkigayo staff and singers/idols picked Nana as female idol they want to spend spring with
# Nana is an only child
# Nana has dog named Happy
# Nana’s nickname: camel, dessert fox, Im Nana, Jinjin
# Nana’s flaw, her monolid. Nana is not confident to reveal her bareface because of this.
# Nana always pays attention to how she walks
# Nana ranked 5th in the most body look alike manequin
# Nana is a Christian
# Nana went to beauty school at Seoul Art College to learn make up and cosmetology
# Nana was picked as the member who the most different before and after make up by after school
# Kahi chose Nana as the most aegyo member
# Nana feels she has variety show phobia
# Eyoung said at first nana looks cold but once you know her she is very fanny like a gag man
# Nana was born in North Chungcheong Province, cheongju where is Han Hyo-joo, Park bo young, Park Chorong (Apink leader) were born
# Nana became class president on Playgirlz school ep 4 & 11
# In playgirlz school ep 4 nana said that the only one her idol friend that time is KARA Nicole but she had a lot of super model’s friends
# Nana’s menu on playgirlz book is mywongran (spawn of pollack) onigiri roll
# Nana’s hobbies are watching, singing, eating
# Nana’s waist size is 25
# Nana 1st solo single is 눈을 감아(Close your eyes) which in Orange 2nd Single – Shanghai Romance (上海 之 戀)
# Nana said that After School dance has benefit because when you dance with your hip, it makes your waist become thinner
# Nana usually missed her parents in the night before she sleeps
# Nana’s favorite fruit is banana
# SISTAR Dasom included Nana in So Cool album thanks to
# When Nana was a kid, she admired Uhm Jung Hwa
# Raina said Nana’s voice is so attractive
# Nana has nothing in particular, that she envies
# Even when Nana is tired, she doesn’t slouch and walks like she’s on a runway
# Nana forced herself to drink banana milk in one gulp because her mam made it and wanted to be taller
# Nana gave short answers to questions when she appeared on ‘Radio Star’ and became more comfortable when Shin Junghwan and Kim Gura took care of her
# The name of Nana’s future shop could be, “Beauty Shop opened by former Orange Caramel member, Nana”

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